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company news about Summary of precautions for debugging flat mask machines

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Company News
Summary of precautions for debugging flat mask machines
Latest company news about Summary of precautions for debugging flat mask machines

 latest company news about Summary of precautions for debugging flat mask machines  0

 After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic around the world, people's demand for masks has soared, and at the same time, the sales of mask machines have also surged. Many automation companies follow this trend and join the army of buying mask machines. Let the editor take you today to understand what you need to pay attention to when debugging a flat face mask machine! First of all, the width, thickness and flexibility of the nose bridge will affect the debugging of the flat mask machine. If the nose bridge is not good, the package will not be smooth; in addition, if the nose bridge is too thick, it will not only break the blade, but also cause the cutting to be uncontinuous, or the cutting angle is not good, resulting in the accumulation or dislocation of the nose bridge. Our machine requires that the bridge of the nose bridge must be centered in the middle.
    Secondly, if the material band is not well formed, it may cause the mask to be unsmoothly folded, the nose clip line is stacked, the compression welding of the body does not fit, or the welding effect of the sealing edge is not perfect, which is also a common phenomenon in the production of masks. Finally, the elasticity, thickness and flat belt of the ear strap tension will have a great interference effect on the actual production speed of masks. However, for experienced automation engineers, it is not difficult to adjust the earband welding machine. If you understand it, you will know the actual structure of the action. In addition, there will be various small problems in the actual production of masks, such as inability to open the line, cutting the line, welding failure, offset welding, unqualified penetration, etc., resulting in the production of a large number of defective products. At this time, it is necessary Debug and maintain many links. Whether it is a linear drawstring, a reciprocating drawstring or a rotary drawstring, each has its own characteristics. In terms of efficiency, the draw belt is higher than the rotating belt. The commissioning technicians rely on perseverance to commission the fully automatic flat mask machine in a short time, because this is not a short-term job.
    The above is the precautions for debugging the flat mask machine shared by the editor. It is the "prospect" choice to find a higher quality, more innovative and comprehensive mask machine. For example, Guangzhou Yanuo Machinery Co., Ltd. provides high-quality, The cost-effective industry-leading mask machine production line is equipped with the most professional commissioning engineering team and after-sales team.


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