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company news about A new generation of screen printing machine

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We are dealers in the United States. We have cooperated with Yanuo for many years. We are very satisfied with their products and services.

—— Daniel Dao

We are glad to cooperate with YANUO ,and will build long long term business relationship with them in the next few years.

—— Bhoomika Chawla

جودة آلات YANUO جيدة جدًا والسعر معقول جدًا.

—— الاستاذ نجاها ابراهيم محمد سلي

We have been working with Yanuo and their screen printing machines are of good quality.

—— David Winer

The screen printing machine is of good quality, high production efficiency, and easy to operate.

—— Richard Kissick

I've worked with many companies, but this one is impressive

—— Richard paul


—— 陆-りく 莲 ゆうと

Arnold & Son과 함께 일하게 되어 기쁩니다. 그들의 마스크 기계는 매우 빠르고 효율적입니다.

—— 李贤贞

Yanuo & Son's high-speed screen printing machine is very efficient and easy to use, saving me a lot of labor.

—— Derrick Rose

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Company News
A new generation of screen printing machine
Latest company news about A new generation of screen printing machine

                                                                  Roll-to-roll roller screen printing machine


        The screen printing machine is a machine that uses a screen printing plate to print, and belongs to a type of printing machine. Screen printing machine is a machine for printing text and images. It is a general term for machines or equipment used to produce printed matter.Screen printing can be divided into many types according to its layout, printer varieties, ink properties and types of substrates.

        The screen printing machine has existed for many years, so the traditional conveyor belt glue printing opportunity has the following shortcomings.
1. The printing speed is slow and the efficiency is low, about 1000 meters per hour. The drying temperature is high, the energy consumption is high, and the material deformation is large.
2. Adopting conveyor belt gluing process, flat pressing and flat printing. During the printing process, when the material is thin (the ink easily penetrates into the conveyor belt layer, resulting in uneven surface of the conveyor belt and insufficient viscosity of the Taiwanese plate), it is needed every day Stop the machine to hit the glue several times, and regularly stop the machine to clean the glue; when there are elastic edges, it is difficult to control the printing quality, resulting in low printing efficiency and waste of materials.
3. The drying system adopts traditional drying technology, and the surface of the transmission roller in the oven is in contact with the printing surface, resulting in unstable printing quality, and frequent scrubbing of the transmission is required.

       latest company news about A new generation of screen printing machine  0Recently, Guangzhou Yanuo Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a new generation of screen printing machines. First of all, the printing speed is fast, more than 3000 meters per hour, and the efficiency is high. The temperature of the oven is low, energy consumption is saved, and material deformation is small.
The machine adopts a flat-pressing round web printing process, and the printing cylinder has an automatic cleaning device. During the printing process, there is no need to stop the machine to clean up the ink penetration, increase the printing speed and reduce the waste of materials.
The drying system adopts 360° intelligent circulation air drying. The ink on the material does not touch the transmission drum in the drying box, and does not affect the printing quality. The transmission drum in the oven does not need to be cleaned.
When printing, it adopts the flat pressing round process, the material and the screen are separated synchronously, and there is no fear of large-color surface and full-page in the printing. The printing effect is better than that of a conveyor belt printing machine.

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